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Rock Bands (chronological) (* =  photos  /  = Compact Disk available / AUDIO = RealPlayer audio clip availible)

     Pre-Rock *Ludwig van Earfull
    The Fuzz
   The Null Set
   Yours Truely *
   General Assembly
   Brand X
   Liquid Sunshine *
   Animus Abortium
   Opaque World
   Coventry Carol
   Hudson Fairfax
   Society's Children
   Hudson Fairfax II *
   Peace and Quiet
   Chocolate Floon
   Ethyl Floon
   Thunder Blu
   Bittersweet *
   Bittersuite AUDIO
   Foundation II  AUDIO
   Second Foundation AUDIO
   Brutus  AUDIO
   Dynamo Humm
   Everest AUDIO
   Mt. Everest AUDIO
   One-Third Off *
   T minus 1 (a)
   The Richard Thomas Organization *
   T minus 1 (b) * AUDIO
   Paris *AUDIO
   The First American Yuppie Band *
   My Generation AUDIO
   The Duotronics
   The Triotronics
   Catapult *

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