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    This has been something of a catch-all name for any number of different sidelines I've had over the years: Recording, freelance performance, arranging, sound engineer, P.A. setup, MIDI lessons, piano lessons, music scoring, almost anything if someone was willing to pay me for it.  The name was originally Arkrat Recording and Electronics, but later I was not doing too much recording or electronics work; I had gone to arranging and scoring, so I changed the name a bit.  Timothy M. Meyer (see Brutus, Foundation II, Bacchanalia, Bittersweet, T minus 1) gave me the original idea for the name, from a science fiction story in which the Earth was going to be destroyed and all inhabitants were boarding space craft in order to evacuate.  All, that is, except the Arkrat, who was getting off when everyone else was getting on.  I always seemed to be headed in a different direction than the rest of the population, so the name seemed appropriate.  It still seems appropriate.
    As Arkrat, I ran sound for the New York Dolls (Dante's Den in Briny Breezes, Florida), Vikki Sue Robinson (Orlando, Florida), and The Grass Roots (Key West, Florida).  Vikki Sue was a total snob, The Grass Roots were all really nice guys, and the New York Dolls were totally disgusting individuals.  I watched one of them peel the wrapper off of a stick of butter and eat it like a banana!  Gross!
    On several of these jobs, and actually going back many years to some of the early bands, my friend Robert (Rabbit) Hyde assisted me.  He would do all sorts of things: running lights; helping with the sound; muscle for moving; and good company in the truck through many, many long hours of driving.  Check out his much fancier home page at: Rabbit's Resources

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Robert Hyde
In the midst of a psychology experiment

Robert Hyde, sans mask
Scratching his right temporal lobe with a hairbrush

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