I am NOT a Nazi!!  I'm not a skinhead, or a white supremist, or a member of the KKK.  I don't like war or violence.  I've never even been a member of the armed forces.  The Nazis did terrible things with their machines, and I honor the men who went up against them in Shermans, Stuarts, Churchhills, and other outclassed Allied tanks.  But the Germans built great armored fighting vehicles, and the American Abrams M1A1 and other modern tanks incorporate many concepts used by the Germans during World War II.  I don't like to see these things used, but I admit that sometimes I wish I was driving one of them while battling the insane drivers in south Florida!  (See the Panzerspähwagen 232).  I built these models during one of the many times I've tried to quit smoking.  (It kept my hands busy).  In case you wonder why there are so many more German tanks than American, a friend of mine, Robbie Hyde, was building tanks at the same time.  He was working mostly on Russian and American tanks, so I stuck to the German.
These are 1/35th scale plastic models manufactured by Tamiya, unless otherwise indicated.

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