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Reuben D. Ferguson - October 8 and October 9, 2005

 I suppose a few words of introduction are in order.  I'm primarily a musician.  I performed professionally for more years than I like to think of.  I finally got sick of the horrible grind that one must surrender to in order to make a living at playing Rock music.  I started to have thoughts of jumping around on stage in tights and leotards when I was eighty, and somehow, that picture didn't sit well with me.  (Eighty is still a long way off, by the way).  I became more than a little tired of having club owners justify a small paycheck by saying: "But you can drink all the booze you want for free!"  (I very rarely drink alcohol).  I developed the habit of approaching booking agents and managers with one hand firmly on my wallet and the other hand clutching my artistic integrity in a death grip.  It was time for a change.

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